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smarttechnology-iq is an ambitious partner that strives to guide its partners to success, and we adopt a global approach that is not limited to consultancy, but covers design, build, implementation, and commissioning.

Step into global markets

We go beyond simple hardware and software sales, by offering turnkey, value-added solution engineering for several verticals, with a team of highly talented and competent individuals who enjoy the capabilities to approach and handle the constrains, and working philosophy of both virtual world (IT), and actual, real-time world (industrial) applications, to ensure a smooth and complete execution as scheduled for your projects, regardless of its size and nature.

Our vision


Promote and deliver integrated and standardized solutions, accompanied with thorough consultancy services in our fields of operation to assist and aid our clients to learn and master new and modern technologies and techniques to enforce their business and achieve their desired goals.


Become an internationally recognized enterprise IT solutions provider for mission critical applications by adopting modern principles and methods of technology evaluation and solution engineering to achieve the maximum ROI for our clients, and to ensure their satisfaction.



  • Integrity:We will do the right thing to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied.
  • Commitment:We are committed to our clients and their success, keen to ensure that we deliver the highest value to fulfill their objectives.
  • Proficiency: We demonstrate our Proficiency throughout our work ethic, strategic thinking, adopting best practices, and demonstrating sincere respect.
  • Collaboration:We understand the importance of close coordination and communication with our clients, and will work diligently to ensure proper planning and implementation.
  • Innovation:We challenge the status quo, solve problems in new ways, and provide thought leadership in our scope. We are willing to take risks to maintain the creative edge.
  • Secrecy:We believe that the key to gain our clients trust is to protect their secrets. We will treat all of your information, data, agreements, and everything related to your

smartsystems-iq supplies the world's top technology and communication brands across the country

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