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Smart Technology believes in the high importance of data for any business. Safeguarding data using best in-class ‘Backup and recovery Solutions’ by understanding the business needs and challenges is the key.

Backup and recovery solutions provide comprehensive data protection that is as agile as your current and future infrastructure, applications, and workloads. Data Protection IT Environments Protecting from the core to the edge, across physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, with a combination of backup, restore, and disaster recovery capabilities with real-time analytics to meet the scale and flexibility requirements of your most challenging data protection needs, you can confidently deliver business assurance to your organization.

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Disk backup, or disk-based backup, is a data backup and recovery method that backs data up to hard disk storage. Disk backups are widely used and can be supplemented by methods such as tape or cloud backup for archiving or disaster recovery (DR). Backups to disk often employ data reduction methods such as deduplication and compression to maximize storage capacity when protecting large amounts of data.

Disk backup is a crucial part of most organization’s data protection plans. Organizations rely on backup to preserve critical files and data, guarding against the loss of files through human error, technology failures or natural disasters. Many organizations have a dedicated backup administrator who manages all disk backup appliances, although some may leave the backup process to the application or data owners.